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Hoover Family Foundation Grant Awarded to The Reuben Center

The Hoover Family Foundation recently awarded a grant with the goal to assist older adults to successfully age-in-place.  The benefits of aging-in-place are numerous including prolonged independence, sustained emotional and mental health, comfort with familiar surroundings and cost-effectiveness compared with moves to assisted living facilities.  One way to assist older adults is through home modifications.  The majority of older adults live in homes more than twenty years old.  As a person ages, these homes become harder to maintain and present safety challenges.  One avenue to address this is through home modifications, changes that are made to adapt living spaces to meet the needs of people with physical limitations so they can continue to remain in their home.

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    Elder-Friendly Communities

    Elder-Friendly Communities provides support for hundreds os older adults who wish to remain in the home where they feel safe and secure. 
    We providie things like grab bars, in home care, transportation and the opportunity to connect with others right here in OUR community.
    Click here for more information about Elder-Friendly Communities.


    Employment Options Program

    At the request of the Clergy and Professionals group, the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis has initiated a number of services targeted to the Jewish community. The Federation Board of Directors has allocated a limited amount of funding to the Albert & Sara Reuben Senior and Community Resource Center and the Community Social Worker to assist them in implementing the Employment Options Program. Click here to find out more

    Lorraine Fay Linder Grocery Shopping Transportation


    Sugar takes people by van to various stores on Mondays.

    Click here for more information!

    Wheels to Wellness

    A transportation service to maintain the health and well-being of older adults by ensuring continuity of medical care.

    Click here for more information

    Homemaker Services for Seniors


    ASRSCRC is proud to offer Homemaking Help for Seniors in their homes on a sliding fee scale bases.

    Click here for more information!

    Libby Fogle Lunch


    Join the Libby Fogle Lunch Bunch Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon for great food and conversation with friends.

    Click here for more information!

    Helping Handbags


    Helping Handbags is a new program through The Albert & Sara Reuben Senior & Community Resource Center that collects gently used purses, along with anything one would find in a purse, and creates gift bags for children to give their mothers while they’re at abuse shelters. Click here to learn more!

    Council Connects


    Council Connects is a comprehensive effort on the part of the Indianapolis Section National Council of Jewish Women, in partnership with The Albert and Sara Reuben Senior and Community Resource Center, to address the needs of children, adults and families in our community who are struggling with the pressures of an increasingly complex and challenging society. Click here for Concil Connects Events!

    Northwest Indianapolis Resource

    Crooked Creek Community Development Corporation leads housing and community improvement efforts in Northwest Indianapolis. Visit their website here

    Senior Scribe


    The Senior Scribe is a quarterly paper that outlines services and activities offered by ASRSCRC. Click here for the current issue!

    Jewish Social Services


    Click here to get more information about our Community Social worker, Julie Sondhelm and everything she does. This page will include information for Living vit Cancer, Energy Assistance, Counseling and the Caring and Sharing program; plus loads of other useful information!

    This page is currently under construction, please check back soon!

    The Albert & Sara Reuben Senior and Community Resource Center Contact Information

    Main Number: 317.259.6822
    Fax Number: 317.259.6823

    Lori Moss, Executive Director, 317.259.6824

    Cindy Wides, Assistant Director, 317.259.8048

    Christy Morris, Senior Services Social Worker (65+),  317.536.1475

    Julie SondhelmJewish Social Services (Community Services),  317.536.1476

    Ruthie Gal, Program Coordinator Libby Fogle Lunch Bunch,  317.536.1477

    A member of the Elders at the Table Coalition